If you’re considering  individual therapy, maybe you’re feeling stuck, or overwhelmed and you just need someone to talk to. Maybe you’re going through a difficult life transition and feel you could use some support. You might be needing a safe space to retreat to, to work on finding or maintaing healthy, satisfying relationships. Individual psychotherapy can help you feel empowered and provide you with the skills you need to improve your life and restore your potential for happiness and overall well-being. I see my clients on a weekly basis so they can work on experiencing a reduction in distress, improved relationships, increased understanding of self, and healthier coping.

Areas of specialization include:

Depression Anxiety
Family Conflict Childhood Trauma
Relationship Problems Life Transitions
Sexual Assault Stress Management
Grief and Loss Women’s Issues
Parenting Support/Guidance Self-Esteem
School, Work and Career Problems Neurodiversity


Adolescence is such an important time for both emotional and physical development. Teens often struggle with navigating this tricky time of life where they are forming their identities and exploring who they want to be as adults.

I create a safe and accepting environment where I help my teen clients engage in identity exploration, navigate life transitions, improve communication, and address/improve peer problems.

I have extensive experience working with teenagers on:

Decreasing anxious and depressive feelings Building self-esteem
Resolving school problems Exploring body image issues
Building or strengthening peer relationships Healing from bullying or teasing
Exploring sexuality and gender Creating healthier family dynamics

Parents can often benefit from learning more effective ways of engaging with their adolescents. For this reason, I often incorporate family sessions into my work with teenagers. Family work can help foster a closer emotional bond between parents and children and can make home life calmer and much more enjoyable.

I work with pre-teens and teenagers ages 11+