Is therapy completely confidential?

Information that you share with me will be handled with great care.  It is your legal right and my responsibility to make certain that our sessions are kept confidential.  In most instances, I will need your written permission before I can disclose any information regarding our work together; however, there are exceptions to confidentiality:

  1. If I believe that a child, an elderly person, or a dependent adult is being abused or neglected, I am legally required to take the necessary steps to protect others from harm and I must file a report with the appropriate state agency.
  2. If a client threatens to harm him/herself, I may be required to seek hospitalization for the client, or to contact family members or others who can provide protection.
  3. If I believe that a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another, I am required to take protective actions, which may include notifying the potential victim, notifying the police, or seeking appropriate hospitalization for the client to ensure safety.

How do I pay for therapy?

Payments are due at the time of service. Cash, check and credit card are all accepted as forms of payment. Rates for service can be discussed during your free phone consultation and will be agreed upon before your first session.

If you plan to use insurance, I encourage you to check with your insurance carrier to determine what mental health benefits you have.  I currently work as an “Out of Network” provider, which means I can I provide you with a receipt for services rendered that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement consideration. Although many insurance companies reimburse for therapy with a receipt, I cannot guarantee reimbursement.