If you are reading this, it is very possible you and your partner are experiencing relationship conflict and you are both feeling stuck. You may be frustrated and discouraged because you have tried to resolve your relationship problems on your own, but they do not seem to get better. When your attachment with your partner does not feel secure, it can cause significant distress. This distress can create painful cycles of interaction that are hard to break and can trigger anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, and fear. The therapy I provide supports couples in creating and strengthening emotional bonds, which can lead to increased feelings of safety, security and closeness in both partners. I create a safe therapeutic environment, where my clients are able to communicate about difficult issues and establish a deep understanding of, and compassion for how their partner thinks, feels and reacts.

I work with couples dealing with a wide range of issues including:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Frequent conflict/fights
  • Loss of emotional connection or intimacy
  • Sexual problems
  • Distance in the relationship
  • Difficulty healing from infidelity or other relationship injuries
  • Stress stemming from fertility problems
  • Difficulty adjusting to a life transition (move, job loss or change, birth of a child)
  • Adjustment to becoming a blended family
  • Parenting concerns

I welcome all types of relationships and have experience working with married, unmarried, LGBTQ, and bi-racial couples.

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and I am working on becoming certified in this approach. The goal of EFT is re-connection between partners through here and now emotional exploration. EFT has been clinically validated by extensive research and is practiced world-wide.